Christa Schamberger, casting director, SA

Foundation Course starts 29th January, 2018
4 weeks duration
Mon and Wed- 6 pm - 8.30 pm
Sat 10- 12 am 
Wits School Of Education
Foundation course starts 9th April, 2018
Durban Boys High (DHS) 
Musgrave Rd




Multi-award winning actor, director and teacher pioneers an amazing course in acting for film and TV.  Gopie who has worked on film, TV, stage and radio - locally and internationally, created the Actorwize acting program to develop and train actors seeking an alternate way to enter the performance industry.

Gopie is a specialist teacher and has a Masters’ Degree in actor training and coaching at the world-renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSSD) in London after being the recipient of the prestigious Oppenheimer and Guilford Scholarships.

At RCSSD he specialized in coaching for screen and studied under coaching mentors Amanda Brennan (Head of Screen acting at RCSSD), Mel Churcher (Acting Coach on Narnia, Harry Potter) and Geoff Coleman (Star Trek, Mirmax acting consultant), all world class coaches in the UK and US. Some of his screen work includes working with Laurence Fishburne on the upcoming international mini-series Madiba, Hansie, and Keeping up With The Kandasammys. His stage work repertoire includes his acclaimed solo show Out of Bounds and his ensemble piece The Coolie Odyssey, as well as playing the lead in Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Baxter Theatre under the direction of Dame Janet Suzman.


Professional Acting Course for Film and TV

The Actorwize course offers an appealing and unique training methodology that allows the participant to engage in a process of self-discovery free of fear and judgment. In addition to learning how to act, it is a profound exploration of body language, effective communication and developing increased confidence that can be used in any area of one’s life.

The compressed length of the course and the focused level of study require commitment and intensive collaboration among the participants. The emphasis is placed on removing emotional and physical blocks that prevent the body from acting with truth and spontaneity. Previous participants have found this course informative, practical, fun and life changing.

Foundation Course

Is part-time and provides students the training they need while allowing them to work during the day. The programme draws together an eclectic group of people from young working professionals to mature students who are well-established in busy careers.   All classes are geared towards providing the building blocks needed to develop their acting skills. The compressed length of the course and the focussed level of study needs commitment and intensive collaboration.


Acting Technique

This module equips an actor to engage with drama and comedy as genres of acting. Strong emphasis is placed on developing a role through embodied acting principles whilst embracing each student’s uniqueness; personal and cultural. Our acting classes have an embedded physical component emphasizing the value of movement and bodywork in creating truthful and spontaneous performances. Various acting methodologies are touched upon through theory and practice.

Text analysis and developing a role

This module trains actors to read and understand a role within the larger context of a film, TV script or play. Text analysis is a vital skill to delivering authentic performances as well as arriving technically prepared for assignments. In the course actors get to dissemble a scene and methodically understand the themes and motivation of each character moment to moment. The module draws on of Stanislavski’s active analysis principles that are core to learning to act.

Voice & Speech

Actors need to have good vocal habits and develop their voices in context of their various roles. With solid vocal techniques, the students can strengthen their voice muscles and clarity of speech — articulation as well as expressions.

Actor and Camera

For many working in front of the camera for the first time is daunting. These fears are reduced by developing a sound understanding of how the camera works and accompanying technical skills.  These sessions are crucial in training to be an actor and helps to thoroughly understand camera position, camera angles, actor marks etc. We also cover multi-camera acting vital for working on soapies etc.  It is also fun and encourages peer learning and collaboration.

Audition Technique

The most important aspect in an actor’s employability is the audition. It is key to getting roles and this module helps actors to practice the audition process in a similar professional casting environment.  Students get to work with Christa Schamberger, South Africa’s top film casting director on improving and developing this vital technique.  Included in this module will be commercial casting techniques.

Final day open class scene presentation

Students are made to apply their training in a presentation of a various scenes and monologues they have been working on during the course. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends on the final day of the course.


Upon successful completion of the course students will be awarded with a Certificate of participation.

Advanced Course
This is a series of master classes aimed at elevating the actors’ understanding, conditioning and application of performance technique at the very highest level.

The course is not prescriptive and takes into account the individual learning process of each student. Instead, the individual process is honored in an explorative and guided fashion through a co-learning pedagogic style.

Co- learning places the student at the center of the learning room so he/she may engage fully without judgment or fear of failure. Students are invited to commit themselves beyond their safety barriers so they may tackle the blocks situated in the protective ego of the mind. Through the physicality of the course work, home readings as well as peer discussion on the subject, the student further understands the blocks and fears they struggle with. This is a deductive process or via negative; a much ignored wisdom that was left to us through the work of Eugenio Barba and Jerzy Grotowski.

Using varies techniques, in particular Brian Astberry’s work, ‘trusting the actor’, the student will be able to break down personal barriers in an affirming and collaborative environment. When working with camera there will be immediate feedback and post viewing engagement. We all learn from the mistakes we make and from each other.

In addition, students are invited to bring in scenes, monologues etc. that they wish to work on.



Tanja Franzsen

TV Actress

"Coming from a stage performance background I am always keen to broaden my knowledge of Film Acting. My agent recommended Actorwize as one of the best film acting courses available and I MUST say that that is not an understatement. I learnt more in my time with Rajesh about acting, my body and myself than I ever imagined possible. His methods of training are honest and fresh and he teaches you HOW to apply what you learn. It was certainly one of the most intensive, hands on, challenging and life-changing courses I have done and I recommend it to everyone that is thinking about a career in film and TV."

Yashodra Maharaj


Actorwize is the best place for the actor. This course is intense, challenging and life-altering. This is a necessary investment for any actor, experienced or not, as the learning process knows no end. What I really loved about this course was the psycho-physical approach to actor-training. Whilst engaging with other students was enlightening and fun, Rajesh Gopie's commitment and expertise was empowering. Tuning the instrument. Reconnecting with the body. Wow. Humbling yet empowering. The whole approach to teaching this course, from the physical and mental exercises to scene work and monologues on camera was invaluable.

Sureka Singh

Dancer / Actress

I recently did the Actorwize Foundation Course with Rajesh Gopie in order to improve on my knowledge of acting. I come from a classical dance background and I have always been inspired by the dramatic arts. I finished the course having gained so much more than I could have anticipated. It was profoundly life changing. It also changed certain preconceived notions I had about acting. Rajesh Gopie was able support each of us with specific tools to vastly improve our acting capability. He is undoubtedly an expert in his field and spent six weeks fully present and engaged in teaching us the craft of acting. I had fun engaging with the other students and Rajesh’s knowledge and total commitment was invaluable. This Course was challenging and humbling. At the same time it was extremely empowering!

Amy Young


The best course I have taken to date.

This course teaches you about unlocking your inner potential. It is a must for a beginner actor to an advanced actor. Rajesh is an amazing teacher. I will definitely be doing another course.

Puleng Nomvula

Actress on Mzanzi Magic

This course has been a wonderful and a rewarding experience for me. Rajesh Gopie's professional coaching and training is lifechanging. His expertise in acting industry is phenomenal as he shares insightful knowledge to prepare an actor for the craft of Film. The course is very informative, it has taught many things in shaping my personal attributes such as imagination, creativity, discipline, and has boosted confidence. It was so much fun and deeply impacting. You always looking forward to learning about the film industry. I recommend the course to anyone who is passionate about the wonderful world of acting.

Candice Botha

University of Pretoria drama graduate

What an enlightening Acting Intensive masterclass with Rajesh Gopie! A great reminder, essential to any actor, of the importance of Body Integration. I am thrilled and inspired to be back in my own body, and I would highly recommend this workshop to any performer wanting to sharpen the tools of their craft. I look forward to learning from Mr Gopie at the very next opportunity I get.

Shami Lilram

Head of Department of Creative Arts at The Hill High School; Radio Hindvani presenter and Radio Drama Voice Artist

Rajesh Gopie is the only qualified person in this country who has a Masters Degree in ACTOR TRAINING AND COACHING. If you want to be an actor, you HAVE to be trained under him.  My four weeks of training in the Actorwize Course has been more than just one that focused on theory.I have learnt how to move the focus of my attention from the floor into central and outer peripheries of my eyes. Without a doubt, the students who complete this course will definitely prove to be more of a challenge to their competitors in auditions. If you want to be a skilled and fine tuned actor and are tired of paying for skills that you are not getting in various institutions which promise quality actor training at preposterous costs, you need to invest in this very affordable and worthwhile time for yourself. Spread the word. It's where you need to be if you want to be an actor.



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